Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes in life we stop challenging ourselves because we get too comfortable. It is easy to stay in our Bubble because it seems safe. The thing is if you never challenge yourself you will never become the best version of yourself. It may be easy to keep toing the same things but then you won’t grow as a person.

Take the leap and challenge yourself and grow into the person you were meant to be. It easy to be scared of going for it because you are afraid to fail but remember anything worth having is worth fighting for. It also seems like people are afraid to dream and go after what they want just because it doesn’t seem realistic. There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. After all we have one life don’t spend it settling for things you don’t want.

Go after the things you want even if it feels risky. Most importantly plan everything out and make a good attack plan for going after your goals. What you shouldn’t do is totally dismiss your dreams just because it is hard to accomplish. Success wouldn’t mean as much if it was easy. If you don’t give up on your dreams you can look back and know it was a long hard journey but you will be glad you stuck with it. Always be smart about your plans but don’t settle for a life you don’t want. Everything is still possible you just need to take a risk every once in awhile and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Save Yourself

I used to always feel lost or feel like I was stuck. I would feel like everything in my world was mediocre and I would never be able to turn the tables. I would often wish I had a Mentor to help guide me to a better life. I would think if I had that everything would be okay. It was like I wanted someone to save me from the life I was living.

Then I got older and I never really found that person to guide me. I realized I had to guide myself to my own success. That is really the only way to accomplish your dreams is to save yourself. Trust me I get that you may feel stuck but there is always an alternate decision you can make. If you find yourself miserable in your job don’t worry there are choices to be made. Try going to school again and learn as much as you can to give yourself more choices. It will certainly help with feeling for fulfilled in your life.

The biggest thing to getting yourself out of a bad situation is planning. Try your hardest to plan out the details and find a escape plan. Plan your money and time and you will find a better option. Don’t under estimate the power of a fresh start. If you move to a fresh city and fresh career it will be like starting all over. If your feeling lost a fresh start could be just what the doctor ordered. Most importantly just remember its not to late to save yourself. There is a whole different side to your life waiting for you. Plan for your future and it will be everything you always wanted.

How Things Used To Be

It is so easy to look back at a different time in your life and say you were so much happier. You may catch yourself wishing you could go into the past and relive these great moments of your life. You can’t stop change and it can be difficult to deal with change in your life. I know I have been guilty of looking back and feeling down because certain people fell out of my life. It happens to everyone as people drop in and out of our lives.

The question becomes how do you deal with these changes. For me I just view it as your world is ever changing and you have to evolve each and every day. You can’t dwell on the past because there’s nothing you can do. What you can do is control your present self and give your future self the best shot at happiness. I think everyone should take time to think about what they are thankful in their life. Who in your life are you grateful to have around? It could be anybody personal or professional. Take time to appreciate them because you never know if you will have another chance.

As they say the Tide is always changing and all you can do is evolve right with the world around you. Lets not look in the past but instead be hopeful for the future. Why think about how things used to be and instead lets ask ourselves how are things going to be? As always I hope this was helpful and we all learn to cope with the change in our life. I would love to hear from others and feel free to sound off in the comments. Let me know how you deal with difficult changes. Have a great day and lets spread the positive vibes!

Getting Noticed

When going towards your goals one of the most difficult things to handle is not getting noticed. You may be a tireless worker who says and does all the right things but at the end of the day you feel no one noticed. This is a horrible feeling as you feel as you are getting nowhere. You have to be mentally tough to avoid this feeling as it can cause you to feel depressed.

So how do we get people to Observe the hard work you put out there? Its not easy because you have no control over the situation. What you can do is look for any chance to leave a positive impression. Also try to connect with people who seem to notice you and go from there. Everyone is different but there will always be some people who will notice you and be willing to give you chances.

The most important thing is to not get discouraged when you feel that you are being overlooked. As long as you are looking for all the chances you can and trying to do the right thing then you have nothing to be ashamed of. The world is full of chances you just got to be in the right place at the right time. You may feel that peoples eyes aren’t seeing you but the good news is that there are eyes everywhere. Every business has different people in charge. Every city has different chances. Every year of your life brings different scenarios. If you are feeling overlooked have peace of mind knowing that this situation is isolated and there are chances everywhere. Have faith and know your chance is coming and it will change your life. The only reason you are being overlooked is that you aren’t in front of the right eyes. The right eyes will find you and you will be exactly what they were looking for.

Handling a Let Down

It happens all the time but how do we with life’s letdowns? I used to struggle with this all the time and I would let tough breaks eat at me for weeks. As I got older I realized how important mental toughness is. It may be hard but you really have to hang in there and keep fighting. You should never let and one letdown define you because truth is that everyday presents a new chance.

When you really think of it isn’t that the beauty of life? You wake up and you can give life your best shot. Whether the day is a success or a failure you will wake up with the chance to take another shot. It is entirely up to you if you take the shot but that chance will always be there.

The thing is disappointment will always happen. Its always there and life doesn’t really care about your plans. It will happen your plans will be forced to change and even come to an Abrupt end. Learn to handle adversity as its one of life’s greatest skills. Just remember everyday presents something different and anytime you wake up it can be the best day of your life. The next time you wake up take a deep breath and forget about yesterday and live for today.

What do you Really Want?

It seems like we see certain people day after day and are afraid to say what is  on our mind. Sometimes we are afraid to show people our true selves because we are scared they won’t be accepting. Other times we are afraid to go after what we really want because we don’t want to fail.

It may be hard but try to wear your heart on your Sleeve. Let people know the real you as that is the only way to surround yourself with like minded people who will accept you the way you are. Let the world know what you really want and go after your dream job and be the success you have always dreamed of. Go and get the training and education you need for your dreams and go after your goals hard.

If you keep your goals and true self bottled up you will never get where you need to be. Don’t be afraid to let the world know you want a chance and never stop chasing your dreams. Keep pushing towards your goals and always let the world know exactly what you want.

Top 5 Quotes (April 2018)

One thing that always seems to motivate me is searching online for powerful quotes from amazing individuals. It can be very powerful and will keep you strong during the tough moments of your life. So each month I will pick five quotes that I hope will inspire you to do great things in your life. I do not own any of these quotes just some that I have stumbled onto. I suggest you search for your own quotes to help inspire yourself. So here are the top 5.

  1. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  2. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas A. Edison
  3. “Everything that you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso
  4. “Its no use going back to yesterday, Because I was a different person then.”- Lewis Carroll
  5. “You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einstein

Shock The World

In todays world people can be so quick to judge or label you. They might say you are not smart enough, experienced, or any other excuse they can think of. When you hear these things you start to believe and put a limit on the greatness you could achieve. The most successful people in our lifetime have all had these moments but they took a deep breath and made an oath to shock the world.

How do you go out and shock the world? It doesn’t happen overnight after all. You have to start with yourself and conquer you own self doubt. Even when you face disappointment and you hear you can’t do something don’t lose hope. Hope is what drives your greatest dreams and the two go hand in hand. You will never get where you need to be without hope. Even at your lowest you need to keep fighting as long as you have hope its never over.

If you fight every day and bet on yourself you will definitely Astonish and shock the world. Go out and find every chance and learning experience you can but mainly try to be better than you were yesterday. If you improve day to day you will get to your final destination. All your dreams are right in front of you now its time to go shock the world.

Change Of Plans

You have a plan and you have an exact plan to make it happen. You are excited to see where your journey takes you and you can’t wait to get to your destination. Then it happens you hit a roadblock and you realize your plans will have to Detonate. This can’t be stopped no matter how hard you try. This is a process in life that is natural and your plans can change often.

Why do they change? Do you simply change your mind? Keep in mind the world has its own plan for you and doesn’t really consider your own plans for yourself. Sometimes our plans change because we realize what we should really be doing. Think about how often our career goals change throughout our lives. I know I have too many to count as I’m sure many others do as well.

Sometimes life forces us to change our plans. Sometimes your family expands and you are forced to make some tough choices. Don’ t worry if your plans change suddenly this is just the world revealing part of its plan for you. It will be a good thing in the end as the worlds plan for you is far greater than any plan you could have imagined.

The way I see it every time our plans change its like your getting another piece of the story. Every bit of the story that you get is just adding another interesting chapter in your story. If life went according to plan a hundred percent of the time it would be kind of boring. Wherever you are in life you want to look back and say that you have earned everything that you have. The journey can be hard especially with road blocks that make for a bumpy ride but that’s the only way you earn it.

Don’t worry when life throws you a curveball after all it wasn’t always going to be fast balls down the middle. You have to roll with the punches and just keep fighting and going towards your goals. Toughness is one of the greatest qualities someone can have. Not physical toughness but mental toughness. Mental toughness can be so hard to achieve but if you have it you can overcome anything. At the end of the day you have to know the world has a plan for you. You have a long interesting story that needs to be told and the world is telling you that story one change at a time.

What Is The Meaning Of It All?

sketch1495948892295 (1)Have you ever struggled of knowing what the purpose of it all? Why do bad things happen to us? I have often wondered why I’m here and what my true purpose was. It seems like you can drift through the years with no direction. It can make you worry and curious to know what the purpose of everything is.

I would love to sit here and say I know where everyone is supposed to be and I know where you are going but the truth is I don’t even fully know where I’m heading. This isn’t all bad as the unknown can be a truly wonderful thing. They say the unknown is scary but isn’t exciting at the same time? You don’t know what experiences you will have or who you will meet.

This is what gets me excited when I face uncertain times. You have to Infuse yourself full of faith and hope. Every day is truly a new day. When we wake up do any us really know what will happen to us? You may have a good idea but the world around you isn’t predictable. When you wake up and start your day you could meet your soul mate, best friend, or just that chance you have always needed.

What your life is right now doesn’t have to be your life forever. There is always time to change. Think of your life five years ago how has it changed? Probably quite a bit. There has been good changes and bad but has evolved in those five years. What you wanted then may not be what you want now and that’s okay. Five years from now it will change even more. Every five years you should make a list of what is different from five years ago and should really open your eyes.

So what is the meaning of why we are here? No one really knows the answer but I can say for sure that our lives our constantly evolving. While facing unknown may make for some nervous feelings and some restless nights don’t stress the world has a plan for you. As for me I’m not nervous for what lies ahead I am excited for what the world brings my way. I know that every day I’m evolving and coming closer to knowing what my meaning and purpose is. I hope you are excited for what the future brings you and know that every day has a new meaning.