What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

If today was your last day what would people remember you for? No matter what level of success you reach there is something the world will remember you for. In most cases if you thought about it the lasting memory you have left probably isn’t what you quite want. That is not a bad thing it’s just simply a fact that we never are done improving ourselves.

I think sometimes people naturally assume that they will have plenty of time in this world to accomplish the things they have dreamed of. Often in our younger years there seems to be a lot of dreaming and not enough action. The mindset sometimes is to have fun when your younger and take your dreams more seriously when you get older. What if you never get “older”? It can take a lifetime to get where you need to be and you are really hurting yourself if you start late.

Sometimes the problem is you don’t know who you want to be when you are younger but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find out what you want to do. If you start this process when you are younger you will be remembered as someone who never stopped chasing their dream. Truly being known as a dream chases with no quit in their heart is one of the greatest qualities a person can have.

What about how you are remembered while your still alive? Do you want to be known for your Hospitality ? Do you want to be known for how nice you are? How caring you are? for having a great personality? You may not know what you are currently known for. That is okay but i would suggest to anyone they really think about what they want people to remember. Find out what quality you have is most important to you. Also it is important to show the world these qualities because no one will know who you really are unless you open up and let the world see.

I hope that you will find what quality has the deepest meaning to you. As for me I hope to be remembered as someone who did whatever it took to reach out and help people. Only history will tell if that is what people will remember but i know if it was my last day that i tried my best to be remembered for something that is really important to me. I hope that is what the lesson ends up being. While you can”t control how the world thinks of you but you can try your best and give a 100 percent into the qualities that mean the most to you. If you are younger think about what us most important to you and try to find yourself. If you already know go forward and leave a lasting impression on the world. If you put all your effort towards this goal there is no question you will be remembered in the way you always wanted.

Notorious – Prompt of the Day

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