Continue to Move Forward

One of the the greatest Challenges we have is the need for constant progress to our goals and dreams. The reality is there are days we get closer to our dreams and times we take steps back. Also there are a ton of moments where it feels like there is no progress and you are in a stand still. Nobody wants to Descend away from their goals but it will happen from time to time.

When you have one of these road blocks don’t let it discourage you. In a weird way it can be good for you because you can learn from each let down. These experiences just make you want success more and more. Having your desire to reach your goals build stronger will be the best for you as you go through life.

The biggest thing and what kind of momentum you have going in your life. One road block wont kill your momentum but its best to stop a string of letdowns before they start. If you start to notice that things haven’t been going your lately try doing something  to switch up momentum. It doesn’t have to be something huge it can be something small like getting praise at your job or getting a good grade on a paper for school. Anything you can do to get some positive energy can really turn things around for you in a major way. It is said all the time and its true that the small things really do add up. The small victories adding up really can equal to the big battles in your life being victories as well.

There are also times where things are going our way and for whatever reason we don’t seem to appreciate it. If you do appreciate it it seems to not last long. Think about it there are so many days where things went perfectly after you woke up. You are well rested and its a beautiful day but you don’t notice. You get in the car and the radio is playing your favorite song but you don’t think twice about it. You get to work and it flies by and every coworker is being friendly but you it still doesn’t matter. Now if you have a bad day you seem to remember every detail and it affects you pact even that day. Within your support circle you probably talked at length why your the day was so bad but do you ever talk at length why your day so good? It seems the negative things seem to stick in our mind. You probably ask yourself on these bad day ” Am I ever going to have a good day?” The thing is you have had plenty of good days but it just wasn’t appreciated and slipped out of your memory.

One of my favorite lyrics from any song is ” have you ever danced in the rain or thanked the sun for shining , just for shining over the sea? Take it all in the worlds a show and you look much better when you glow.” Are these just words in a great song? (Change your mind-Sister Hazel) To me it means much more when you think about it. When it is a bright sunny day do you take the time do you appreciate it? Do we stop and just notice all the beauty the world has? Do we sometimes forget to smile at the little things? The world truly is a show whether its good or bad but take time to appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer.

If you are on a string of bad luck it is not all doom and gloom for you all that positive momentum can happen just like that. The world is unpredictable when you wake up you don’t know if it will be a great day or a bad day. You can always turn your luck around and when you do appreciate the better days when they come your way. Always continue to make improvements in your life and create positive momentum for yourself. Most importantly always move forward.

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