Lost Along The Path

Feeling lost. It can be one of the most helpless feelings we can have. Knowing what path we want to take is great but what happens when you get lost in the middle of that journey. You know exactly where you want to be and how to do it but as you  chase down your goals you find yourself over your head. Before you know it you feel like you have no control and you have no idea how you got stuck like this.

Many of our dreams have consequences of failure to meet that goal. For example when pursuing a college degree the financial repercussions can really leave you feeling stuck. In your career if you fail to get that big promotion you always wanted it can leave you feeling lost and not knowing where to go next.

The thing to remember is even when your going down your path and you feel like nothing good can come of your journey there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. If you have ever ran out of gas or gotten your car stuck in a place you did not know you were probably pretty scared. You need to find a gas station or a helping stranger but your afraid of becoming more lost than you already are. Making your way through pitch black can be scary because you feel you don’t have control and something bad might happen to you. You don’t even know which way to go because you can’t see anything. You look around all you see is darkness until you see a faint light far away. That light is what gets you out of this situation and back home with a story to tell.

This situation is much like when you lose your way chasing your goals. When you feel lost you do have that panic of which way to go. You feel like you have no control over your own destiny. The key to regaining control is to find that tiny light that lets you know which way to go.  It is scary making your way through darkness and there will be many challenges that stand in your way. Once you find where that light was coming from you will know that destiny put that light in front of you and you were always meant to find the light to lead your way.

Don’t panic if you find yourself surrounded by darkness just breathe and search for that light. Destiny has a funny way of working itself out and sometimes it gets us lost and we wonder why it has happened. The thing is in order to find ourselves sometimes you have to get lost a time or two. If you feel in your heart that you are chasing down everything you have ever wanted don’t be discouraged when you get lost along the way. Part of your destiny was supposed to make you feel lost. Everything along your journey was supposed to happen with the sole purpose of making sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

You may feel like you need to find that light at this very moment. The moment isn’t right at this very moment and you need the journey to make you really value the destination. If something bad happens to you as you make your way down your journey look inside your heart and you will know that it is all part of the bigger picture. That light you are making your way to it will burn brightest after your long journey. Your heart, passion, and desire will make the light burn brighter and brighter guiding you through all of life’s obstacles. Once you reach your destination you will be so happy that you got lost because that after all is the only way you found your true self.

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