First Impression Versus Last Impression

What is more important the first Impression or is it your last impression? Everyone seems to think that you need to make a great impression on people. After all this is what people will have stuck in their mind. Can you overcome making a bad first impression? How do you make a strong lasting impression? These are questions we all ask ourselves when we find ourselves in new situations.

It happens all the time you are focused on making a great first impression that you get in your head and start to over think it. You are too nervous and start to make mistakes. People can be quick to judge and before you know it they already have their first impression of you. This is particularly bad when starting a new career. Your co workers won’t think your capable and the authority figures won’t consider you for promotions. The good news is that you can overcome this and change people mind about you.

In order to start to change peoples perception of you try to find challenges for yourself. If no one thinks you can do something go out and prove you can. Don’t be scared of the fact of others not believing  in you. They already feel you can’t do it so you have nothing to lose. If you fail what are the consequences? Are they going to believe in you less? More than likely they will maintain the same opinion. If you succeed you can start the process of changing peoples perception. You see you have everything to gain and nothing to lose so there is no reason to  hesitate. Face these challenges head on and you will be on the road to change. The confidence you will gain from proving people wrong will be priceless.

It is not a easy process to change the way people think of you and it won’t happen overnight. It all start with a single person and once you change one persons perception it will spread from person to person. If you find a small group of people that believe in you lean on that support and have confidence that you will start leaving a better impression with everyone.

In my opinion it isn’t the first impression that you should be focused on but rather a focus on leaving a lasting impression. Let people know what your all about. If you want that lasting impression to be that your hard working make sure you try your best at everything that you do in and out of the workplace. If you want them to know how nice you are spread your kindness to everyone. Again people won’t know what you are all about it if you don’t show it. If you don’t show people might not have a bad impression of you but they won’t have good one either. It will be nothing because you didn’t let anybody in and no one will know the true you. Whatever impression you leave on people make sure its who you really are.

So first impression versus last impression? Last impression wins in a land slide. First impressions aren’t final and you can overcome a bad first impression. If you stay true to yourself and let the world see all your great qualities you will have a strong last impression. If you start a new career and leave a bad first impression make it your goal to leave a lasting impression you can be  proud of when you move on to another opportunity. Remember everyday you wake up you can change peoples opinion of you and work towards the goal of leaving your dream last impression.

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