How To Survive Negative Energy

It happens all the time you can be having a great day and you think nothing can stop you from being happy today. Then someone else will be having a bad day and they decide to take it out on you. How do you Survive all this negative energy? Then a few more bad things happen and your good bad has turned into a bad day rather quickly.

The key to getting past this negative energy is simply to surround yourself with positive energy. If you have a friend that is always in a bad mood it might be best to try and separate yourself from this person. It is hard to have a positive day when you are constantly being brought down. If you have a few friends that are always cheering you up that will help you recover from that initial batch of negative energy.

There are smaller things you can do as well to offset these let downs. Try listening to some music as music has a great impact on our mood. Listening to “Feel Good” songs can turn your day right around. Try making a playlist of your favorite songs that you can turn to when you come across someone who is negative. These songs can get stuck in your head so if you come across more negative energy you will be able to overcome it with your favorite songs still in your head.

Self improvement is also a great way to bring more positive energy to the table. Things such as eating right and working out will make the negative energy disappear. Healthy choices will make you feel positive because you know you are improving yourself. You hear about getting a runners high but I think that can to be extended to making healthy choices as well. I believe you can get a high with self improvement. Knowing you are making yourself better should fill you with positive energy.

Another thing you can do is spend time with your pet as pets can greatly improve your mood. If you don’t have one start thinking about getting a dog as they are filled with positive energy. You will go to sleep with someone who is excited to see you and when you will wake up with someone who doesn’t want you to leave. They are always going to be excited to see you and greet you at the door that alone should fill you with positive energy. You will also have someone to take care of and that should distract you from negative energy as well.

So if you ever find yourself surrounded by negative energy and it starts to bring you down. Just remember to surround yourself with positive people and separate yourself from negative energy. Do the things that make you happy and that positive energy will grow and grow. Instead of seeing negative energy spread person to person you will be able to spread your positive energy. If we all did this the world would be a much better place. If you help even one person have a better day than the world will be that much better. This could spread to the whole world but it all starts with you. We could not only survive the negative energy but we would have left our impact on the world. The world would be able to thrive instead of just survive.

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