A Little Guidance (Episode 2)

sketch1495788095231So there I was looking at the files of each student I had just met and I kept coming back to those four students. Jimmy, Jessica, Brian, and Steven. I knew I could help these four and when I seen them tomorrow I would try to help. Then I thought it might be better if I focused on one a day. Each day I would help one of these four whenever I got the chance.

The next day I woke up much earlier than my alarm eager to get to work and help these students. On my drive to the school I wondered who I could help first and realized that I would just look at the situations and react in the right moment. I would know in that moment who needed help the most. I waked in the office and spoke with my assistant about the agenda and found out that I had to speak with students about life after school. I had to meet with one student a day until I met with every student in the class. I knew I wanted to meet with Jimmy first given how he had struggled with his grades.

On my way to Jimmy’s classroom I saw out of the corner of my eye I seen Brian. He wasn’t alone as he was surrounded by four other male students. At  first I didn’t think much of it after all maybe it was his friends. Then I remembered from my meeting with him that he told me about a group of kids that harassed him. There was no one around and I knew I was the only one who could see them. I had never liked confrontation so I was nervous and confused on what I should do. I knew I had to do something quick. Then It happened the four other student threw him into the locker and began to stomp on him again and again. I never seen something this brutal from kids before. I ran down the hall and broke up the fight and sent the four attackers to the office to be dealt with. I helped Brian pick up his papers and he looked up and said “You know they aren’t going to do anything, right?” When I asked him what he meant and he replied ” They never do anything to them. They are untouchable.” I had heard that the other authority figures didn’t seem to do much about these things. At least that was the Impression that I got. I felt like if I didn’t do something he may not Survive the school year. I told him that I would talk to the other teachers and we would do something about this and I helped him up so we could get to him next class on time. He thanked me for all my help which made me feel good and I knew I was making a difference.

I got to Jimmy’s class and we headed back to the office for our meeting on life after school. I asked him if we wanted to go to college and what his plans are. He told me that he isn’t going to college because he will be lucky to even graduate. I looked at his grades and he was indeed struggling. I told him that every year is a fresh start and I could get him a tutor. He said the teachers hear don’t care and there was no one who could tutor him. I realized maybe I was the only chance for him and I offered to tutor him. He asked if I was only going to tutor him and if other students would be there. That’s when I realized the best way to help the four students would be if they could help each other. I told him there would be three others. He seemed relieved at this and he ended our meeting.

So I had a plan I just had to convince the other three to be in this study group. It may be hard but I knew it would be the best for everyone. It would be easier for me to help them and they could hopefully become friends. As my day ended and I walked to my car I became excited about how these four could help each other. Tomorrow I would meet with the other students to set it up. I knew this was why I got this job and I knew I could give all of their lives the guidance they needed to go down the right path.

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