Seeing What Is In Front Of Me

sketch1495865039757 I thought I would talk a little more about me and why I do this. First thing to say is I work a very average job and I don’t have a fancy writing degree. I am in fact very new at this and learning as I go. Having said all that I have a passion for writing and helping people. Even if it’s just starting out I have to say I really enjoy writing on this platform. I used to always buy notebooks for myself and write all my ideas and future plans for myself.

So what gives me the motivation to do this? Well really it goes back to working that average job that I mentioned before. I would work everyday not really knowing where my life was heading. I would have such a desire to help people but I knew I would need to have a different career to truly help people the way I wanted. I knew I wanted the chance to do something in writing. The fact is it can be intimidating to go after your dreams because you tell yourself you cant do it. For me I always said I didn’t have the college education that would be needed for a career in writing.

So I would go forward living the same old routine knowing it was making miserable. I knew I had to start doing the things that I love. I would often read articles when I was feeling lost and I realized I couldn’t really relate with very many of the authors of these articles. They seemed to be so far ahead of me in their life. I thought it would be great If there was somebody who could relate with my problems and was going through some of the same problems. That’s when I realized that’s how I could help people and write. It seemed like it could be Reprieve from the nothingness that I had felt.

A line from my favorite show is “Listen to what the world is doing and take the Leap.” So that is what I am doing and I hope to get better with time and create content that many people will enjoy. Above all I hope to inspire you when you need it most. Not from somebody who had seen it all and has all the answers but from somebody who faces the same struggles you do. We all have to face down our demons and doubts and it is a lot easier when someone can share their experiences with you. My hope is to create a place people can go to lift their spirits and really just cheer them up. Hopefully you will feel like we are in this together.

As this is fairly new I hope you will let me know how I can make things better. If there are certain things you like better let me know. I hope the site can grow into something special and I welcome all feedback. If you have left a comment, liked a post, or followed the site I can’t thank you enough for showing your support. Just knowing I am making a difference in your day is really a special feeling that I don’t take for granted. If I can make your day a little better than I’m doing what I love.

I plan to pursue other writing opportunities and really go after my dream. I hope that inspires other people to after whatever their dream is. I am always adding new content and trying to become a better writer and story teller. If you have any comments or advice I would really appreciate it. That being said I hope you enjoy the content I have planned in the coming days and weeks and again thank you for all the support. I’m glad I finally could see what was right in front of me.

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