What Is The Meaning Of It All?

sketch1495948892295 (1)Have you ever struggled of knowing what the purpose of it all? Why do bad things happen to us? I have often wondered why I’m here and what my true purpose was. It seems like you can drift through the years with no direction. It can make you worry and curious to know what the purpose of everything is.

I would love to sit here and say I know where everyone is supposed to be and I know where you are going but the truth is I don’t even fully know where I’m heading. This isn’t all bad as the unknown can be a truly wonderful thing. They say the unknown is scary but isn’t exciting at the same time? You don’t know what experiences you will have or who you will meet.

This is what gets me excited when I face uncertain times. You have to Infuse yourself full of faith and hope. Every day is truly a new day. When we wake up do any us really know what will happen to us? You may have a good idea but the world around you isn’t predictable. When you wake up and start your day you could meet your soul mate, best friend, or just that chance you have always needed.

What your life is right now doesn’t have to be your life forever. There is always time to change. Think of your life five years ago how has it changed? Probably quite a bit. There has been good changes and bad but has evolved in those five years. What you wanted then may not be what you want now and that’s okay. Five years from now it will change even more. Every five years you should make a list of what is different from five years ago and should really open your eyes.

So what is the meaning of why we are here? No one really knows the answer but I can say for sure that our lives our constantly evolving. While facing unknown may make for some nervous feelings and some restless nights don’t stress the world has a plan for you. As for me I’m not nervous for what lies ahead I am excited for what the world brings my way. I know that every day I’m evolving and coming closer to knowing what my meaning and purpose is. I hope you are excited for what the future brings you and know that every day has a new meaning.

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