What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

If today was your last day what would people remember you for? No matter what level of success you reach there is something the world will remember you for. In most cases if you thought about it the lasting memory you have left probably isn’t what you quite want. That is not a bad thing it’s just simply a fact that we never are done improving ourselves.

I think sometimes people naturally assume that they will have plenty of time in this world to accomplish the things they have dreamed of. Often in our younger years there seems to be a lot of dreaming and not enough action. The mindset sometimes is to have fun when your younger and take your dreams more seriously when you get older. What if you never get “older”? It can take a lifetime to get where you need to be and you are really hurting yourself if you start late.

Sometimes the problem is you don’t know who you want to be when you are younger but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find out what you want to do. If you start this process when you are younger you will be remembered as someone who never stopped chasing their dream. Truly being known as a dream chases with no quit in their heart is one of the greatest qualities a person can have.

What about how you are remembered while your still alive? Do you want to be known for your Hospitality ? Do you want to be known for how nice you are? How caring you are? for having a great personality? You may not know what you are currently known for. That is okay but i would suggest to anyone they really think about what they want people to remember. Find out what quality you have is most important to you. Also it is important to show the world these qualities because no one will know who you really are unless you open up and let the world see.

I hope that you will find what quality has the deepest meaning to you. As for me I hope to be remembered as someone who did whatever it took to reach out and help people. Only history will tell if that is what people will remember but i know if it was my last day that i tried my best to be remembered for something that is really important to me. I hope that is what the lesson ends up being. While you can”t control how the world thinks of you but you can try your best and give a 100 percent into the qualities that mean the most to you. If you are younger think about what us most important to you and try to find yourself. If you already know go forward and leave a lasting impression on the world. If you put all your effort towards this goal there is no question you will be remembered in the way you always wanted.

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Overcoming Your Own Self Doubt

Often when life gives us opportunity it also comes with something that can weigh us down. Self inflicted doubt seems to show up when ever something big comes your way. It can distract you, cause anxiety, and disrupt your sleep. Most importantly it can prevent you from chasing your dreams. Doubt can be so negative and put your life in a standstill. How do beat this unfortunate side effect of going after your dreams?

First you need to understand where this anxiety comes from. Sometimes someone can say the smallest thing and the doubt inside you is born. The rest of the day you think about what was said and you think about all the scenarios that  could happen. At first you think everything will be fine but then your mind wanders to that dark part of your brain called failure. Even if you have succeeded at many things your mind starts to think of the times you have failed. You lay down to go to sleep after a long day expecting to pass out right away. The doubt that has been growing inside you has now overtaken you and are convinced that you will fail. Despite the long day you had you stay up all night thinking of the negative possibilities. When you wake up you have no confidence and when it comes to the matter of truth what you have feared comes true. The buildup up to your opportunity you convinced yourself you would fail. How do you stop these unfortunate series of events from happening?

The way I see it our own self inflicted doubt is much like those old horror movies made when we were younger. In those movies it seemed like the “bad guy” always was the most powerful when they were fueled by the fear of their victims. That’s how I see our own self doubt, as a villain that is created and grows larger on our own fears and belief that failure is the most likely scenario. The good news is you can erase this villains existence and create a much more powerful force called confidence.

Often people dismiss the idea behind positive thinking but trust me the power of positive thinking is very real. You may be thinking you will fail because you feel no one else believes in you. It all starts with belief in yourself if you don’t believe in yourself others have no reason to believe either. Once you have belief in yourself the rest will come. There is also something about having a strong support  system. Surround yourself with positive and like minded people who you can count on. If you have a “friend” that constantly lets you down and doesn’t seem to care about the challenges you face you may want to think about separating yourself from the negative energy. If you have positive energy as well as your inner circle that’s how confidence is born.

The only way to overcome your own fear is to face it head on. If you do happen to fail don’t let it discourage you and continue to challenge yourself. That’s the only way we learn and appreciate the success that comes our way. Once you erase your doubt the only way it comes back is if you let it. Believe in yourself and you can overcome any obstacle that life sends your way.

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Pursue change

Pursue change. What does that mean to you? I think we all have at least one thing we would like to change. As you get older change will be so important you may start to crave it. Change is not always easy and you need to know the difference between good change and bad change. With every change we make in our lives there is always going to be risk and you must think about the pros and cons of each change you are thinking about making.

What is a bad change? Think about some of the changes you have made in your life. It probably wont take you to long to remember a change you have made that has left you with at least some regret. You could have left a good paying job for a different job that didn’t quite work out. Or maybe you changed what you were studying in school and it ended up being the wrong decision. When you make the decision to make a big change and it doesn’t work out we are all left with the one feeling you never want to have. What is that feeling? Feeling lost and not knowing where your life is going. It is for this reason you must study all the benefits and consequences of the chance you want or need to make.

Change can be a beautiful thing despite the risks associated with it. The chance to meet new people, make more money, or improve your education are aspects that can change your life for the better. It is important to know what changes you want to pursue and try to make a list of reasonable changes you could make. Find the one that matters to you most and lock in on it. Then you have to make a plan with a realistic timeline of achieving this goal. Lets use the example of someone who wants to go back to school. This obviously is a big change in your life that can have financial repercussions both positive and negative. Most view it as a necessary change to get where they need to be so they must come up with a plan to turn it in to reality. There are factors that would make it difficult whether its your family, paying your bills, or just finding the time. They would have to research the college including financial aid to really figure out their situation. More important than the plan is establishing a timeline and a realistic timeframe for most changes in your life should be 1 years time. This gives you a definite goal to shoot for and gives the next year of your life more meaning as you are fighting for change.

While there are positives and negatives for every change don’t let fear stop you. Don’t tell yourself that its too late for change or that your too old for change. Staying in the status quo when you are feeling incomplete will just leave you feeling like there is something missing inside you. There is only one way to fill that hole inside of you and that will to take a risk to better your life. All you need to do is recognize the change you need to make and come up with a plan to make it a possibility. Change doesn’t happen overnight it may take a while and lots of hard work but that will make you appreciate the positive changes in your life. Pursue change in your life and see where life takes you.

The Best Version of You

      Do you ever wake up and wonder if you are being the best version of yourself that you can be? The truth is there are a million different versions of yourself and every day you wake up who you are can change. It is much more than just your mood changing it can be much more. What your interested in or even what makes you happy may change over the course of your life. You may wake up and realize that you have stopped doing the things that made you happy. As you get older our lives become much more busy. Whether its raising a family, your career, or going to college we all seem to have less and less time for the things we love.

    Often People find themselves stuck in a routine that the forget to treat themselves. How do we get out of this habit? The first step is to find out what truly makes you happy and whats important to you. What is one thing that would help you become a better version of yourself? It could be going back to school or boosting your career. There are also simple things like listening to your favorite music, reading your favorite book, or exercise. Chances are if you start small you will feel much better just starting.

    The fact is when you live busy lifes it is difficult to make time for ourselves. The good news is in today’s world it is easier to get reminders. If you have kids or are around kids you will probably notice how they can find joy in the smallest things. Before you go to sleep try to remember the things you enjoyed as a child. Those small things you enjoyed when you were younger can still bring you much joy as an adult. If you get really busy in your life you can always set reminders on your phone to take time for yourself. Sometimes all we need is a reminder. Go after your dreams in the real world and at home do the small things to keep you happy. If you just try to become a better version of yourself each day you will become the person you were meant to be once you reach your final destination.

Second Chances

Second Chances some get plenty while others desperately need just one. When you think  of second chances what do you think of? For some maybe its something small like a chance to make a second impression. I think for most people second chances are something much bigger in the bigger picture of their life. It is likely you think of the chance you didn’t take or the person you let slip out of your life. Now it is assumed that everyone gets a second chance but history tells us that is just the farthest thing from the truth. The other truth is that everyone knows somebody in there life who receives chance after chance while you question if the really deserve all those chances. The truth is nothing is promised to anybody in this world and what happens tomorrow is the biggest mystery for anybody. Even when you look at the most successful people in the world what is the biggest thing they can attribute to their success? Is it hard work? Of course it is but its not the biggest reason. What about talent? For most yes but talent will only get you so far. The biggest thing to achieve success is luck and everybody needs a few breaks along their journey to get to their ultimate destination. The biggest thing is taking advantage of every second chance the world tosses our way.

So what does history tell us about second chances? Is there a negative point of view? Of course there is but why focus on that when you can focus on the positive side and really see the true beauty of the second chance. There are celebrities suck as Robert Downey Jr. and Drew Barrymore who overcame addiction to become household names. There are athletes and singers who turned their second chances into bright careers. The negative side to it is there are individuals who never learn from their mistakes and don’t take advantage of their many chances. What about the real world how does it affect the common person? The idea of the common person shouldn’t exist we all have untapped potential just begging to come out if only the right doors would open. How do we make these doors open? Is it just about patience? Now it is possible that in time good things will happen to you but it may not be the best way to approach it. Life is all about being in the right place at the right time and you must take action and not sit back. Once you see that door open a crack go forward and crash down that door and don’t look back and have no regrets. Truly the best quality a person can have is desire. Desire is the one quality that will affect change in your life. Desire to be the best person you can be or desire for change or whatever is most important to you. Don’t worry about those people who have been given so many chances. Don’t wonder when chances will come your way go out and make your own luck.

Now what about those of us who have made mistakes and just want one more chance. It is important to realize that no matter how bad things get there is always a way to turn things around. The reason there aren’t many overnight success stories is that it takes years of hard work to get yourself on the right path. Once your on the right path you will feel it and know that the destination will be worth it. Once you are given that second chance run with it and prove to the world who you really are. Second chances come in a variety of ways. It could be a second chance in your career or even a second chance in your relationships. No matter what it is take advantage of it. As important as it is to get second chances it is just as important to give those second chances. Someone may have let you down try giving them another chance they just might surprise you. As best we know we have just one life we shouldn’t live it with regret. As you go through everyday life don’t wait for that second chance. Why take that risk? Everyday is a new chance to show the world what you are really made of. Don’t wait for that second chance or even that next chance. Live life like there is no tomorrow and Infuse confidence into your everyday life. Every chance you get treat it like its your last chance. Life is a crazy unexpected journey try giving it a chance it just may surprise you.

Part 2 of this series is coming soon…

A Quick Introduction

Hello and welcome to my site I thought I would start by telling readers what they can expect. I have often had a desire to help people but like most people I had no idea where to start. I have spent a lot of time working at ordinary jobs wondering how I could make a difference. I would often think what could I possibly do I’m just a normal guy. After a long time of thinking this way I thought of the times I was looking for advice. When I had a question or needed advice I would read these articles and while they did help I always found there to be one big problem. What was that problem? For me the problem was the source of the information always coming from highly successful people who I could not relate with. It didn’t seem like they were people who could relate with because they seemed to have everything figured out. I realized this was the problem there wasn’t anybody currently facing these struggles.

That is where I hope to be different. I’m not somebody who has all the answers or has already lived through the key issues we all face. I am currently facing these issues we all face. I know the feeling of uncertainty and being full of questions. I feel this is the best way to reach out to people and really impact peoples lives. My hope is to build a community of like minded people we can all relate with and we can all help each other. You will find articles that inspire you and truly answer the many questions we all have.

I cant tell you everything I have planned to write about as it is a work in progress. If I feel it I will write about it. As I said I hope to build a community so any suggestions you have I will definitely listen to. After all we are here to help each other to help us find the best path along lifes journey.